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Individually Designed Coaching Certificate Program Courses

Contextual overview: an overview of the major methods and processes, terms and concepts used in the SYNERGENICS work. Defining facilitation and coaching; accelerated personal growth and development and the personal process.

Practicum: Brainstorming the context of your proposed program.

Maps of consciousness with which people negotiate the physical plane in general, and an in-depth study of SYNERGENICS and The Life Review.

Practicum: Selection of a working map of consciousness for yourself in this program.

The domain of universal Life Skills Education: Specifically focusing on the major areas of life that any person deals with and oriented to what it takes to have a balance in each of those life areas individually, and in life in general.

Practicum: Beginning selection of the Life Skills that you would consider important in a program that you would teach.

CCP 103

The distinctions of Well Being and the value of maintaining radiant health in a body that serves on in one's life purposes.

Practicum: Health spectrum initiative.

Relationship as a basis for interactive acuity in life: including pattern recognition of major life patterns and the identification of the family dynamic and family patterns around life opportunities and success.

Pattern recognition and the major human-condition patterns that exist.

Practicum: determining patterns that are of particular import at this time in evolution.

Culture and its relationship to dealing with life: cultural conversations and the practices of various cultures in dealing with how to approach life and what constitutes being successful in life in your and in other cultures.

Practicum: expanding on patterns at large in Western society that are running counter to conscious evolution.

Distinctions of communication and integrity: conversations and issues about life; the distinctions of speaking and listening and re-creating another; automaticity in communication and the psychology of authenticity, and shared feelings and experiences.

Practicum: index card practice of recording one's own repeating automatic conversations.

Distinctions of belief and reality: including an analysis of one's own personal beliefs; general belief systems associated with the life path; spiritual and religious belief matrices and distinguishing reality and false reality.

Practicum: identification of personal belief system.

The poetry of life: unique self-expression and personal creativity in literature; metaphors for living. Creativity and self-expression in life and in one's personal and shared path: vision quests; rites of passage; confronting success and failure; the unconscious death urge at large, including the triggering of and acting out of attachments, habits and addictions. Simple patterns and complex over-layed patterns that affect the ability to be creative and self-expressive.

Practicum: analysis of one's own creative process.


Purpose: Dealing with your own life and your life purpose; being clear about what life purpose is and what are some life purposes; accomplishment , acknowledgement and integrity in life.

Practicum: definition of personal life themes and purposes and an in-depth analysis of larger life purpose in the domain of service.

Universal values and values clarification; beginning to determine what values you stand for in life for yourself and for coaching with others.

Practicum: 16 conversations for values/ 16 conversations for your coaching program.


The various stages of living and learning in the context of life as a forum for learning and the physical plane as a dimension for that learning with others: the 8 stages of Life Management.

Defining and detailing possible life lessons.

Practicum: determining the background and ground of being of life lessons that you will feature in your coaching program.

Resources: resources for life; family relationships to resources and the family dynamic around money and entitlement.

Practicum: taking ones self to account.

Lifestyle: personal responsibility and the psychology of living; the process of living and the process of becoming aware of the impact one's actions have on others. How to determine what kind of a life some-one is engaged in; Living selfishly and living in service: action versus activity in life; completion, completions and dealing with incompletions; desire and wish fulfillment.

Contribution and service: the illusion of choice and the choice of illusions; surrender and letting go; re-creating another; re-creating oneself for oneself ; re-creating one's self for others; re-creating a loved one for others.

Practicum: designing the action plan for your coaching program project of excellence.

Accelerated personal growth and development: personal presence and quality of being present; and what to do when a person's physical body is present and the mind is not and vice versa.

The spiritual aspect of life: self-acceptance and incarnational completion; Karma and attachment; past and future lives; The Life Review tm reviewed: life lessons and use of guidance communicating with those more advanced, including those already on the other side.

Practicum: participant(s) are required to finalize the design of their coaching program for review by several mentors.

Self-Management: another look at the process of living and dying and determining which of the two one is engaged in and what actions back that up.


Participant(s) will be required to design a small group experience and deliver a mini version of the larger workshop or workshop series that they are designing.

Participant(s) will be required to design a personal vision quest and to spend monthly time in contemplation of personal expansion to the next stage in their own lives.

CCP 119
PROJECT: all participants will complete a project that will be individually designed to their own particular abilities and interests in the field.

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